Clock widgets

Add simple clock widget for your website. Clock widgets will always show exact time for chosen time zone, independent form visitor's location. This is useful if you want to show timezone for your location, so world-wide clients will know when to call you, so you can avoid 3AM morning calls ;-) notice: Most of the widget clocks on internet shows only visitor's local time (local time from their device, not real exact time).

How to add clock widget?
1.) Find the timezone (start from start page, find time zone and copy the timezone name)

2.) Fill the form on this page, enter: title, time zone, width... and click "Generate code"

3.) Generated code copy-paste to your web-page on place you want that clock to appear.

Generate clock code:

Time zone:
example: Europe/London (see the image above or select in the list below)

Title: example: Time in London

Background color:

Font color:

Show seconds:

Show day of week:

24 hour format?

Generated code (copy-paste to your web-page)