Exact time analog clock for Port-au-Prince

Sync precision: ±0 s
Sync succ:0
Latest sync:0
Sync fail:0
Port-au-Prince time digital clock:

Settings: seconds Soft / Jump
This analog clock is also showing accurate exact time from our server (not your device clock). Second-hand jumps on the beginning of second.

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Analog clock for America/Port-au-Prince time zone

In page creation moment, exact local time was Thursday, 02 July 2020 (6:00 AM) in America/Port-au-Prince timezone.

This is exact time analog clock for America/Port-au-Prince time zone, synchronized with time on clock.zone dedicated server. Second-hand always jumps on the beginning of the second. Precision of the time synchronisation can be seen next to the clock (Sync precision).


Port-au-Prince location?

Country: Haiti

Continent: America

Difference from Greenwich mean time: GMT-4

Position of Port-au-Prince on time zone map you can find on Port-au-Prince digital clock page.

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